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Top 10 Website Features

1. Marketing Strategies ($2,500.00 Value)
You get step-by-step marketing strategies on how to make money online.

2. Pay Per Click Revenue ($1,500.00 Value)
You can add pay per click ads for additional revenue using programs like Google AdSense or AdMedia, and you can create your own pay per click ads, cutting out the middleman like Google.

3. Lead Revenue  ($2,500.00 Value)
You can send leads to companies, that track your referrals, and you can get paid for your recommendations.

4. Membership Revenue  ($2,500.00 Value)
You can create your own membership sections on your website, and sell your programs on your online store.

5. Email Messaging  ($3,500.00 Value)
You have free email messaging where you can import your own email lists. You also have tracking logs for your opened, clicked, bounced,
and un-subscribers.

6. Free Hosting  ($1,100.00 Value)
You never have to pay for hosting fees for your website to be online. Your website will always be active.

7. Unlimited Bandwidth & Pages  ($1,000.00 Value)
You have unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited website pages. The more pages you have, the more traffic you get, and the more money you make.

8. Unlimited Books & Profits  ($4,500.00 Value)
You can create an unlimited number of digital & hard cover books without having to share any of your profit.

9. Forms & Auto-Responders  ($3,500.00 Value)
Your forms include auto-responders and data collection. All names and emails collected by your forms are automatically downloaded into your email messaging service.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  ($2,500.00 Value)
There are easy instructions on doing your own SEO so that you don't have to pay the high cost of SEO services. 

Website Selections

You can choose any one of these ready-to-go website platforms.

Plus... we attach the domain name for you for free.

You can also customize it yourself. If you want to add a different home page image we can do that for a small fee of $60. Or you can have your own webmaster do your customization for you.

The videos below show you how easy it is to add your own content, pictures, videos, and links.

1. Author's Website Click To View


2. Speaker's Website - Click To View


3. Coach's Website - Click To View


4. Generic Website - Click To View


Easy To Edit Your Website Videos

How To Add Content

How To Add Pictures

How To Add Videos

How To Add Links



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