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How To Publish
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1000's Of Top
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How To Get Paid
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Top Radio Show Connections 

1,500 Top Radio Talk Shows  ($1,000.00 Value)

You are given a list of 1,500 Top Radio Talk Shows to promote to.

These Radio Show Contacts are to major radio stations with with huge audiences.

You get their phone number, website, time slot, morning show host, morning show producer, emails, syndication, company, number of listeners, format, and their address.

You can email out story ideas to these talk shows weekly! For free!

TV Producers & Journalists

Pitch To Over 100 Top Media!
 ($2,500.00 Value)

Internet Expert Lee Romanov CNNYou receive over 100 Top Media Network Connections 

You are given a list of producers and journalists who do stories and programs for CNN, BBC, CBC, Reader's Digest, FOX News, and many other top media networks which you can contact by phone or email and pitch your book, story, or business to.


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